Omiš, Lokva Rogoznica Baugründstück
Rogoznica, zemljište, 606 m2, prodaja

Fläche:: 606,00 m² Preis kn: 615.524,80 Preis € : 80.000,00 €

Rogoznica, building land 606 m2 for sale.


Orebić, Lovište Baugründstück
Lovište, građevinsko zemljište 70 m od mora, prodaja

Fläche:: 400,00 m² Preis kn: 323.150,52 Preis € : 42.000,00 €

Building land on the Pelješac peninsula, location Lovište, building plot of 400 m2. Distance from the sea is only approx. 70 m! The plot has its own driveway. The maximum building development on the parcel is 30%. The maximum area of ​​the building can be 120 m2 and a minimum of 40 m2, ...


Omiš, Lokva Rogoznica Baugründstück
Omiš, Lokva Rogoznica,Građevinsko zemljište,prodaja

Fläche:: 1.750,00 m² Preis kn: 2.539.039,80 Preis € : 330.000,00 €

Land area is 1750 m2 facing south / west. Wonderful view extends to the whole plot. Car access, electricity is 50 m, water connection to the plot. The land is located near five exclusive villas with a swimming pool that can be rented during the summer. Distance to the sea 150 m2, there is a ...


Kaštela, Kaštel Novi Baugründstück
Kaštel Novi, građevinsko zemljište, prodaja

Fläche:: 3.726,00 m² Preis kn: 2.577.510,10 Preis € : 335.000,00 €

Kastel Novi, plot for sale. The plot consists of 3726 m2 on it has 120 olive trees and a small object. On the property are conducted electricity and water.


Split, Stobreč Baugründstück M1
Stobreč, Orišac, zemljište M1, prodaja

Fläche:: 1.555,00 m² Preis kn: 3.948.206,89 Preis € : 513.150,00 €

Stobreč, Orišac, plot M1 sales. The plot is 1555 m2, it has all the ports, electricity water. Price 330 E / m2.


Kastel Sucurac, mixed purpose land for sale. The plot of 708 m2, has an access road and electricity and water. Price 97 E / m2


Solta, Gornje selo, land for sale or exchange. Land for building purposes, has 1066 m2 and proper shape. Situated in an attractive location in the bay, 10 meters from the beach. Also nearby are electricity and water. The price is 170 E / m2, in consideration also a replacement for real estate in ...


Split, Stobreč building land T1
Split, građevinsko zemljište T1, 5000 m2, prodaja

Fläche:: 5.000,00 m² Preis kn: 11.541.090,00 Preis € : 1.500.000,00 €

Stobreč, plot T1 zone, for sale. The plot is 5000 m2, is located 100 meters from the sea. Price 300 E / m2


Kaštela, Kaštel Sućurac Baugründstück
Kaštel Sućurac, građevinsko zemljište, 1200 m2

Fläche:: 1.200,00 m² Preis kn: 923.287,20 Preis € : 120.000,00 €

Kastel Sucurac, building land for sale. Plot area 1127 m2, all the infrastructure on the land, has a view of the entire bay. The land is next to asphalt road in Kastel Sućurac above the highway in the direction of Trogir. Price 100 E/m2


Rogoznica, Dvornica landwirtschaftlich genutzter Boden
Šibenik, poljoprivredno zemljište, prodaja

Fläche:: 4.177,00 m² Preis kn: 321.380,89 Preis € : 41.770,00 €

Stari grad, Stari Grad Baugründstück
Otok Hvar, Starigrad, građevinsko zemljište, prodajaj

Fläche:: 2.834,00 m² Preis kn: 2.507.571,09 Preis € : 325.910,00 €

Starigrad, building land for sale, located 600 meters from the sea.


Stari grad, Stari Grad Baugründstück
Starigrad, građevinsko zemljište, prodaja

Fläche:: 1.417,00 m² Preis kn: 1.417.322,79 Preis € : 184.210,00 €

Starigrad, building land for sale, located 600 meters from the sea